#syadhilwedding Part 2.2 : The Reception Concept, Decorations & Door Gifts



The concept was formal, relaxed and contemporary. 

At first, I thought of going all out English style but then again you can’t have a wedding without a pelamin, they said. My initial idea was to not have one. But we had one anyway due to popular demands.

So the concept is a bit different. The pelamin is there. But I’m wearing a white gown and the Husband wore a suit. We walked down the aisle (kind of). There was a mixture of all kinds of elements. But it’s the way I liked it. I’ll tell you more in the overview post. 


The decorations include the pelamin, the walkway, the flower arch and the photobooth. They were all designed by Datin Rashidah from De Sireh Bridal Ipoh . She also did the deco for the solemnization. I loved the lighted up walkway. And the arch. And the photobooth...actually I loved everything because I chose them. Lol. Everything else was done by the hotel, Casuarina @ Meru. They did a great job, didn’t they? 

The colour for the decorations was white and peach. I actually wanted an all white wedding. Because to me, the decorations should be a beautiful background and nothing more. It’s the people who add to the colour. I forgot why we had to add peach but we chose it because it’s the softest colour we could find.

My family wore red because they wanted to stand out. The in-laws wore deep purple. I felt that the colours were very in-tune. For me, you should never look like the deco. And please, don’t look like the bride and groom. (I find it very distasteful when the family members and the bride and groom are in the same colour and style) That’s why everytime I attend a wedding I would turn down my look as to respect the couple and the family. Kasi la orang lain chance nak glamour. I love that it is normal for a bride to wear all white (in other customs. It’s not normal for Malays) because then, you can spot the bride in the sea full of colors. 


Now, on to the door gift. I chose (yes, my mother and I were the wedding planners) to give egg-shaped Belgium chocolates. See the pun? It’s traditional to give eggs. But I wanted to give chocolates. So ta-da! Creative kan? It’s so delicious. The whole thing was done by Auntie Nora. All 1500 of them. That’s a lot of chocolates! And a lot of guests too.

 I just wish that I could have more of them chocolates. They were so delicious.


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  1. Semua sekali berapa uolls buat?

    1. Not so sure sebab most things come with Nikah + Reception packages. My estimation for the reception alone is 100k. But I had about 1500 guests, all seated and served.