Celebrating #EbbySha 's Wedding on our Anniversary.


After almost a year of being engaged, Ebby and Sha tied the knot on 17 January 2015! Congratulations! The above picture is of #syadhil and #ebbysha. Lol. I have been friends with Ebby since foundation. We were in the same Arab class (and almost every other subject) in CFS IIUM. I remember how close we were in ATOPOMPOM (don't ask) that I used to hangout with him before he even met the Husband. But now, they're best friends. And as fate would have it, Sha and I share the same name (although different spelling) and the same wedding date and many more things.

Truth be told, we were quite hesitant to attend the wedding as we wanted to celebrate our anniversary overseas. But when some of our friends heard about our plans, they heavily criticised us. "You can travel anytime," they said, "But this is Ebby's once in a lifetime day! You should be there to support him!" Alas, we celebrated two days earlier and postponed our trip. I even went to Sha's place the day before to help out with her door gifts, pelamin, hairdo etc. I am glad to have done all these and was able to attend all three ceremonies including the one in Taiping to celebrate and support Ebby and Sha as they had done for us.

On a side note, those friends that criticised us were not at the solemnisation. Instead, were elsewhere, on a vacation. Whatever happened to 'you can travel anytime'...

Putting aside the negative, I am glad that I chose to not only attend all three of their wedding events but also sleepover with Sha the night before and helping her family out with the decorations and door gifts. I arrived just in time for the Henna Night! I was also her driver for the day as we head to Shah Alam for her hairdo. It was fun being with her and the maid of honour, Yana, for a full day.

The deco people were late. I was on the way to the groom's side, escorting the videographer when they finished. It was really close! Every wedding has its last minute run. I remember my pelamin collapsed 3 hours before the guests begin to show up. But, alas, everything turned out great!

Sha looked amazing that night! Her make-up was perfection. She knew exactly the look she wanted and it suited her well. After a few selfies, Sha finally had to go down for her solemnisation. I wish I have lots of photos of the day but I took a lot of videos as requested by the groom and I dare not share them here as I haven't even passed it to them yet!

Ebby was so excited that he was ready way before time. I had to hold them and call Yana to get the okay before releasing them. And then, they practically sprinted to the door. It's so adorable! I love being able to feel and witness their excitement together.

I am so happy for the both of them. I pray for their happiness in this lifetime until Jannah, if God wills it. Marriage is a journey and I am so proud of Ebby and Sha for taking this huge step. I know that it has been a long and rocky journey here but you made it! Welcome to the club!


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