A Shiny Kind of Black/White Day



A lawyer, when entering court, has to dress in black and white. But it's not just black and white. It's either plain or super fine patterns. I was very disappointed when I found out about this because I thought I could get away with super cool prints like this skirt.

Luckily, I have events to go to. So I can wear anything I like.

To be honest, I would have worn a baju kurung if I was from class. So thank God, classes were cancelled today!

I bought the skirt from Ende Cho's label, ZAZA Apparels. I've been eyeing the Almeara skirt since she posted it on Instagram. So when I saw her the other day, I bought it instantly! It's gorgeous and comfortable. I would have paired it with a leather jacket if only we lived in a colder country.

My shawl is from Kloset Kita. It's black glitter chiffon shawl. They have upgraded their chiffon shawls and I absolutely love them! I am ordering a custom-made one for Raya. I wore a black shawl instead of white because white shawls make my skin look so much darker.

The top is a white sequin reversible top/jacket from my SIL's label, AERE. Although I felt that it was pretty pricey in comparison to my usual sequin-go-to-shop, the quality is very different. And the white colour isn't so shiny so I didn't feel like a weirdo wearing it in broad daylight. That's the thing about sequins: You have to be bold/brave to wear them.

Fun Fact: My sister and I wore sequins to Taylor Swift's Red Tour because we knew wearing them in broad daylight would give us a high chance of getting to meet her.


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  1. simple and nice, love this kind of style

    look so lovely...

    bw from housewifearts.blogspot.com...done following you

  2. simple and cantik.

    hijab tutorial please..