The Kimono + Kebaya by FLEURE


The KIMOYA by FLEURE is a loose long sleeve top that is inspired by both the kimono and kebaya. It has only been released in three colours: Tosca, Navy Blue and Black. Soon, Fleuri will release more colours including maroon, which is what I'm wearing.

What I love about the kimoya is they it's very versatile. You can style it with a nice skirt/sarong and accessorize for formal wear. You can also wear it to the office. Or you can pair it with jeans for a casual day. I think every girl needs a kimoya for those days that you just don't know what to wear.

At RM69, I think it's definitely worth it. Don't you agree?

Outfit details

Kimoya Kebaya in Maroon : Fleure (You can get it from FashionValet or @fleureinternational)
Tie-Dye Shawl : Firuze Scarves
My old prom shoes + My old black skinny jeans


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  1. cantik!

    first time sini. love your blog. it's lovely

  2. Oh yes, that kimono top is beautiful!