Feature on Hijab Fesyen Magazine : Blogger Sukses & Fashion on Campus


Hijab Fesyen Magazine has featured me in their column called Blogger Sukses (Successful Blogger) in their December 2014 issue. It's a 4-page spread interview about my life and this blog! I was super surprised when the magazine contacted me because I do not feel like I'm up to that level just yet, especially since the blog only started February 2014. It hasn't even been a year! But I am very grateful to the Almighty to have blessed me with this opportunity and so much more.

Another, just as amazing news, the magazine also requested that I get some of my friends to pose with me for another segment in the magazine which is 'Fashion on Campus'. I immediately asked a few of my friends who I felt were up to the task and these girls agreed to pose with me: Farah Najwa, Iffah, Suhaili, Ainaa Delaila and Dibses.

So you'll see me on Hijab Fesyen twice! Gosh, that's a lot of me isn't it? I was so nervous because this is my very first time being featured in a magazine as a blogger.

Before I upload some of the photos from the magazine, I want to share with all of you what had inspired me to start blogging.

I have actually been blogging since I was 16 but the blog I used then was very personal. It was rather dark, and more like poetry. I used words to depict and describe situations and feelings, never telling the actual story. Only those close to me would know exactly what I was talking about. Some people had suggested for me to continue with that blog but I decided to start stylebysya because I'm not that 16 years old girl anymore.

stylebysya started in February 2014, a month after #syadhilwedding. The Husband has been very supportive of me. My sister in law, Raja Nadia Sabrina had taught me a lot. My friends, had encouraged me. I was sitting with Ainaa Delaila one day, right before I started the blog, and she said that she has yet to find a fashion blogger that wears clothes that are suitable for us students. I thought about what she said, and I couldn't agree more. We have a very limited budget and we prioritise comfort in our choice of clothes. We are walking from one Kuliyyah to another from 8AM all the way to 5PM, and sometimes even up to 5AM. It's crazy, I know. But that's life as a student. And, here I am, on stylebysya.com, trying to give everyone a whiff of affordable clothes. And, that has become my primary focus on the blog.

The challenge I face from starting this blog is something I rather not talk about just yet. But the Husband has been supporting me from day 1. I do wish that I have the courage to talk about world issues. I am a law student after all. But I think I need to focus on the purpose of the blog; it's a fashion & lifestyle blog. But if you do want me to talk about anything specific, just tell me and your wish is my command.

In the interview, I talked about marriage and my lifestyle. I tried to be as honest and open as I possibly can and I hope you would enjoy the read. Please feel free to drop a comment about what you think about the article.

Go and grab Hijab Fesyen December 2014 now!

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Special thanks to Kloset Kita for all my shawls, Sea-Citizen.com , HiDY Store, Chantique Closet, Syanelle Couture and Pretty Dressy for sponsoring me and the girls.
The photo shoot was conducted by Ed. Thank you for the beautiful write up, Kak Nik.


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