Trick O' Treat : A taste of London at 's Fashion Party


"Tell me, my dear, can a heart still break once it's stopped beating?" had a Halloween party to launch their new collection. The new collections are all from London brands. We had a fashion walk off in's collections, dressed up as different characters. So take a guess when you see the photos! is owned by a Malaysian but she lives in London. She aims to bring London fashion to Malaysia. What you see on the runway there is finally within your grasp with just a click on or Zalora Marketplace.

At the party, there were free food and drinks including my favourite cookies, Cookie Monster by @mozzysue_kitchen . The decoration was also amazing. There were bats everywhere and it was all DIYs! Made with love by my good friend, Serene who goes by the name Playful & Snazzy (click here to check out her blog). The office was turned into a showroom, where they displayed all the new and old collections for party-goers to try on. It was really a job well done.

There was a huge crowd when I came down for the walk-off. And great news! I won the scariest look in my all-white ensemble. I love how easy the make up was. If only I can wear the zombie look everyday......

Feast your eyes for a jolly good Halloween trend and try to spot the new collections:

The looks I donned for the walk-off. I love the Corpse Bride look. I'm wearing my actual wedding veil!

"Now, why go up there when people are dying to get down here?"


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