#syadhilwedding Part 1.0 : The Solemnization of Raja Nadhil Aqran & Syahira Zakaria (Overview)


In Before #syadhilwedding Part V: 'Till The Very Last Second , I gave an overview of the day of the wedding before the actual event. So what happened as I walked down the steps?

One. Big. Blur.

I can't really recall anything. When I watch the videos and look at the photos, I'm like...that isn't me. It's like an out of body experience. This is what I am able to recall:

I walked down the steps with my flower girls in front (although that was a last minute plan because I couldn't walk down alone. I just couldn't!) and my sister behind me. There were flashes of lights in my face from cameras and phones. And, boy, there were so many people! The living room looked like a huge hall just a few minutes ago. Now, there's barely any space for me to move!

I took my seat beside my mother. Who knows who else were around me. I had my eyes on the groom, thinking, "Is this even real?" But the Husband was super confident. He was just smiling and happy, as if he has been waiting for this day since he knew what marriage is.

The Tok Kadi arrived as soon as I took my seat. The khutbah began, and everyone was captivated. It was so beautiful. He talked about encouraging early marriages as well the responsibilities that come with marriage. Everyone listened tentatively to him, the late Ustaz Yop. I humbly request all my readers to offer your prayers or for a moment of silence. His passing was on a Friday during the month of Ramadhan.

And then, the moment of great history arrived! My dad was quite unprepared (I got the feeling he was nervous), so he asked the late Ustaz Yop to write down the aqad. The whole house burst into laughter! The Husband was confident, (after preparations before coming, I heard) and we were married. Just like that. Two 20 years old became husband and wife.

The Husband headed off to pray while I sat on the pelamin after the lafaz taqliq. I would love to have joined him in the prayer, especially since it was super awkward to just sit there with the whole world staring at you. Krik. Krik.

And then it was time to for a public display of affection...and, you know, exchanging wedding rings and stuff.

The Husband wouldn't stop talking. I was like, "Smile. Sayang, SMILE!" while I was smiling. We exchanged rings. He kissed my forehead. Bla bla bla the usual things.After the ritual of tender, love and care, we had a photo and salam-salam session with the elderly while others went off for their late dinner.

We had a cake and pulut kuning cutting session before the fireworks. A surprise to all the guests. I wasn't surprised because Pak Sako had it on the itinerary since the very beginning. At first, I thought it was crazy! But on that day, and after watching the video, I realised that it was a very nice touch to celebrate #syadhilwedding.

Hmm. I think at one point in time we should tell the story of how we got the nickname 'syadhil'. It wasn't us who chose it for our wedding. That name has been stuck with us since 2011 but no one ever really noticed it until we finally used it as our very own hashtag.

Then we just took pictures. Lots of it! Looking forward to posting the photos of everyone as well as the review of the photographer.

After taking photos all over the house, we had dinner when no one was left. Luckily, the caterer saved some food for us. But I wasn't hungry by that time. I just needed sleep. So I said bye-bye to my new Husband as my grandmother had said no to him sleeping over that night: Some tradition thing about not sleeping together until after the reception. Did I mind? Not really. I was so exhausted I even thought about sleeping with the make-up on. I didn't, of course. We had the reception the next day! It's important to keep the face clean, and wear an extra mask if you have too. And if you have eye bags? Put cucumbers on them. They really help. That's all for now.


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