White Borders & Chanel


Last night, I attended the Malam Pemasyhuran Presiden 2015 of Kelab Bakti Gunung Keledang. It is an annual dinner where the former president of the club passes his reigns to the upcoming president. I have been attending this annual dinner since I was about 9 years old. Gosh. What a long time it has been!

In Ipoh (which is where this dinner was), it's rare to have these functions where you have to dress to the nines and back in school, I think this was the only function I've had the privilege to attend. Every year I would wear my latest baju raya (which is usually a baju kurung) or the likes of it because that's as formal as my clothes would get. However, this year, as I have slowly blossomed into the fashion world, I had too many clothes to choose from.

Rather than wearing a dinner dress like I have been wearing to events in KL, I decided to go back to my roots and put on the baju kurung. This baju kurung is a simple yet elegant one, made of lycra with white border lace. Its simplicity suited Ipoh very well. Nothing over the top. Just laid back and relaxed.

Even thinking about it makes me feel relaxed, even though I was in the car, coming back to KL to catch my 8AM class at 2AM. I was in Ipoh just for this event which I have been attending for over a decade. 

The things we do for love.

Other than its simplicity, I also loved how comfortable it was. The lycra used is of good quality and there was no need for ironing! In the middle of the dinner I had to do a quick change for a fashion show I was dragged into, and it was easy to change into this look. My shawl style is my everyday look that I can wear in under 1-minute.

You can watch the tutorial on the post titled My Everyday Hijab Tutorial: Under One-Minute (click here)

Bold Kurung with White Lace in Dusty Pink : FLEURE (available on FashionValet)
White Shawl : Pari-Pari Shawl (custom made by Hasanah Hilmi)
White Handbag : Chanel

Photographer : The Husband @nadhilaqran
Location : Casuarina @ Meru , Ipoh. Our wedding reception was here!

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